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Living things in my back yard - PB
Living things in my back yard - PB
Living things in my back yard - PB
9780778732556 | Back Ordered
Backyard animals are the most familiar to children. This engaging book will get your students to answer these questions: Which animals do you come into contact with most?; Which of these animals have wings?; Which ones burrow into the ground?; Which ones live in the trees? Meet some common backyard residents such as birds, butterflies, raccoons, squirrels, bees, skunks, and frogs, and occasional visitors such as bats, deer, and coyotes.

Reading Level: Gr. 1-2
Interest Level: Gr. K-3
Guided Reading Level: I
Binding: Paperback
Series: Introducing Living Things
Author(s): Bobbie Kalman

Size: 8 ½″ × 9 ½″
No. of Pages: 24
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 2.8
Dewey: 591.75
Lexile: 550L
Copyright: 2008

Living things in my back yard

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