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The ABCs of Insects - PB
The ABCs of Insects - PB
The ABCs of Insects - PB
9780778734369 | In Stock
Earth has more than a million species of insects! There are helpful insects, harmful insects, flying insects, insects that work together, endangered insects, and some really weird insects! This fun book with great photographs will delight children and encourage them to identify insects in their world. It will also give them information to write their own books about insects!

Reading Level: Gr. 2-3
Interest Level: Gr. K-3
Guided Reading Level: N
Binding: Paperback
Series: The ABCs of the Natural World
Author(s): Bobbie Kalman

Size: 8 ½″ × 10 ¾″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 4.8
Dewey: 595.7
Lexile: 830L
Copyright: 2009

The ABCs of Insects

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