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Speak Up! Communicating Confidently - PB
Speak Up! Communicating Confidently - PB
Speak Up! Communicating Confidently - PB
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Slim Goodbody helps children learn assertive communication skills that will help them express thoughts and feelings in an open, direct way. They will learn techniques that will get others to listen and respond appropriately to what they have to say. All of us, kids and grown-ups alike, sometimes face situations in life when it’s difficult to clearly express what we want or feel. Usually this happens when we, ourselves, are feeling upset or when we feel others might be upset with us. But holding back and keeping feelings locked inside can cause you to feel frustrated, tense, and stressed out—and that isn’t healthy for your mind or body.

Reading Level: Gr. 3
Interest Level: Gr. 3-6
Guided Reading Level: P
Binding: Paperback
Series: Slim Goodbody's Life Skills 101
Author(s): John Burstein

Size: 8 ½″ × 11″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: Not available at this time.
Dewey: 153.6
Lexile: Not Available at this time.
Copyright: 2011

Speak Up! Communicating Confidently

“Speak up! Communicating Confidently deals with communication and confidence...The author gives information about communication styles, “I” statements, and assertiveness. There are good examples of situations that can come up in life and the author shows how these examples can be dealt with in a positive way. A very good book for helping children (and even adults) deal with confrontation, communication and confidence.” —Resource Links, 02/11