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Women in the Renaissance-ebook
Women in the Renaissance-ebook
Women in the Renaissance-ebook
9780778797869 | In Stock
Women in the Renaissance investigates how women struggled for identity, influence, power, and recognition in a society dominated by men. Most were forced to serve their husbands and rulers or give themselves to the Church, but a few became wealthy, educated, and famous. Eventually women gained some status in society.

Reading Level: Gr. 6
Interest Level: Gr. 5-8
Guided Reading Level: U
Binding: Electronic book text
Series: Renaissance World
Author(s): Theresa Huntley

Size: 8 1/2″× 11″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 7.8
Dewey: 305
Lexile: 1110

Women in the Renaissance

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