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Review: Insects Close Up

Dec 10, 2013

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“This entry in the new Insects Close-Up series features the various types of homes and habitats where six-legged creepy crawlies live. Opening with a description of what makes an insect an insect, a series of color-coded two-page spreads informs readers in clear, short sentences about burrows, hives, nests, and other places insects live. Bug-loving kids will be enticed by the large, magnified close-ups of insects and their homes, which offer intriguing views of insect life, such as beehive cells with eggs and larvae, or a wasp carrying an ant back to its burrow. Inset boxes describe what’s happening in the photos in more detail. Key words are bold-faced throughout the text and defined in a glossary in the back matter, which also includes an index, further reading, and an activity.” - Booklist, 9/13