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Review: Ecosystems Inside Out

Nov 25, 2014

Ecosystems Inside Out series >
Grasslands Inside Out
Tundras Inside Out
Wetlands Inside Out
Deserts Inside Out
Oceans Inside Out
Rain Forests Inside Out

Gr 4-6 - Informative and picturesque, this comprehensive series takes readers on a tour of Earth’s six major biomes, exploring their distinctive characteristics as well as the unique creatures who have made each habitat their home.

Key words are highlighted via bold font and are defined in the extensive glossary while sidebars, including
Eco Up Close,” which focuses on one particular inhabitant per location, provides students with a greater understanding of each environment’s interdependent relationship between living and nonliving organisms.

Activities and activism also play a part in the volumes, as students are encouraged to consider how ecosystems work, how they can be affected by change, and what they can do to protect these fragile systems.

The lush photos of locations worldwide may inspire further investigation of the topic. Great selections.

~ School Library Journal (Nov 2014 Series Made Simple)