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Go Figure! series Review

Jan 12, 2015

Go Figure! series 

A Math Journey Through Planet Earth
A Math Journey Through Space
A Math Journey Through the Animal Kingdom 
A Math Journey Through the Human Body

Gr 5-8 – Readers are invited to apply varied math lessons to hypothetical life or work situations, such as heading up an ecological expedition or space mission, working as an animal scientist, or conducting a study of the human body. Page one of each colorful entry features a section called “Learn About It,” with explanations and examples of math operations, including addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals, time, quadrants and coordinates, an assortment of tables and graphs, and much more. On the second page, “Go Figure!” poses several questions or problems for applying the lesson. Varying in difficulty level, these are introductions that could also work as review exercises or enjoyable explorations for students who like math. They might even invite further thinking about interesting possibilities for future careers.  

- School Library Journal (Nov 2014 Series Made Simple)