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Online/Virtual Read-Aloud Permissions

Mar 25, 2020

Online/Virtual Read-Aloud Permissions
Temporary Guidelines

Updated Jan 11, 2022

Crabtree Publishing Company is dedicated to supporting our education community as we navigate uncertain service challenges. We realize that librarians, teachers, homeeducators
and parents are actively looking to provide reading resources for their students and community in an effort to keep them learning and reading. Virtual sharing through story time and online read-alouds provide that solution.

At this time, Crabtree is granting open permission to those individuals wishing to use our books in a virtual online setting to extend learning and engagement through read-alouds.
We commend those individuals who have committed their efforts to furthering the education of their students and community during this time of uncertainty. It’s wonderful to see individuals coming together, in a virtual manner, to enrich their communities, with
the love of books and reading!

Teachers, librarians, home-educators and parents may use any Crabtree Publishing title in a read-along for non-commercial use until April 2022 as follows:

• At the beginning of the recording/live video, please indicate that you are reading
with permission from Crabtree Publishing and reference the author.

• Video live streams and recordings may include displaying the book as part of the reading.

• Teachers, librarians, parents, caregivers, and clergy are granted permission to read any Crabtree Publishing title to their patrons, students, and children through virtual means (public or private platforms). Refer to conditions of recorded use below.

• Recordings of video or live-stream read-alouds through public or private platforms (ie Facebook Live, Instagram, Zoom, Youtube Live and other such means) are allowed under the condition the recordings of these events are removed from your archives by April 2022.

• Please email to notify us when you post a stream or recording using Crabtree Publishing books and include the following information:

- Name and address of library, school, institution, individual
- Title and author of book that is read
- Link or social media platform on which the video or live event is posted

• We would love to see our books featured in your read-alongs so kindly tag Crabtree Publishing when referencing these recordings on social media!

Twitter: @CrabtreePub
Facebook: @CrabtreePublishing
Instagram: @CrabtreePublishing

By participating in a read-along recording using Crabtree Publishing books, you agree to the above terms, which are in effect until April 2022. Should you have additional questions, please email

Note: Usage is limited to individuals within Canada and the United States