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Life in a Residential City - HC
Life in a Residential City - HC
Life in a Residential City - HC
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Life in a Residential City�looks at living in the housing zone of a big modern city. City life, with lots of people, traffic, buildings, and roads, is busy and fast-paced. To help cities run smoothly, most of them are divided into areas or zones of different kinds of activities or functions. This book looks at the area where most of the people live rather than work. Toronto, Ontario, is the featured example. It looks at houses and apartments, and how people commute to work. It also highlights the problems of a residential city.

Reading Level: Gr. 3-4
Interest Level: Gr. 3-6
Guided Reading Level: M
Binding: Hardcover
Series: Learn About Urban Life
Author(s): Hél�ne Boudreau

Size: 8 ½″ × 11″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 5.3
Dewey: 307.3
Lexile: 860L
Copyright: 2010

Life in a Residential City

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