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How a Plant Grows - PB
How a Plant Grows - PB
How a Plant Grows - PB
9780865057289 | In Stock
How a Plant Grows gives children a simple, entertaining introduction to the lives of plants from their beginnings as seeds, through their growth, to reproduction and death. Detailed illustrations accompany simple plant experiments. Other topics include:
• the parts of a plant and its lifecycle
• how plants make their own food
• why leaves change color in fall

Reading Level: Gr. 1-2
Interest Level: Gr. K-3
Guided Reading Level:
Binding: Paperback
Series: Crabapples
Authors(s): Bobbie Kalman

Size: 8½″× 9½″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 4.1
Dewey: 581.3
Lexile: 590

How a Plant Grows

“Enhanced by thoroughly captioned, full-color drawings and photographs, Kalman’s well-formatted and organized text informs young readers about the growth, development, and importance of plants ...Step-by-step instructions for three easy-to-do activities involving plant growth and water absorption conclude the book. A great learning resource for lessons or learning centers.” —Infotech, 10/97 "An attractive format and tight organization highlight these general introductions. Each title features a large-print, easy-to-read text accompanied by full-color illustrations on every page. There is a pleasing mixture of photographs and brightly hued drawings ..." —School Library Journal, 07/97 "This clear introduction to the life cycles of different kinds of plants is illustrated with color photographs. Cross-sectional views show a bean plant's roots developing as its leaves and stems grow above the surface. Lots of brightly colored borders of leaves and flowers spruce up the presentation ..." —The Horn Book Guide, Jan-Jun '97