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Other Awards

Apr 21, 2014, 13:22 PM
Series Title  Title Text  Award
Your Guide to Government How is a law passed? • Highlighted Title Winner for Independent Publisher Online Magazine--December 2008
My Favorites Kindness to Share from  A to Z • Gold Medal Winner of the 2010 Mom’s Choice Award
Hooray for Farming! Hooray for Dairy Farming! • 2001 Award for Children’s Literature, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
We Came to North America The Hispanics • Best Educational Children’s Book - English 2001
— The Latino Literary Hall of Fame
Voices for Green Choices Rachel Carson: Fighting Pesticides and Other Chemical Pollutants • Amelia Bloomer List 2010
 100th Day of School   Celebrations in My World   2011-2012 Reading is Fundamental Multicultural Book Collection