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Bobbie's Message Fall 2017

by Crabtree Books | Aug 02, 2017
Dear Librarians and Teachers,

Teachers have been asking me to add more books to 
the My World reading series, so I have been busy creating eight new titles for first grade.

As educators, we know that each child is unique and
has his or her own learning style. Learning is ignited when
students explore different points of view and connect with others
through their ideas. The new My World books support diverse learning
styles and engage students in their personal exploration of subjects
through descriptive, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and problem/
solution text structures. Learning experiences that stimulate the curiosity 
of children support brain development and higher-level thinking.

Most young children get totally involved in what they are doing,
especially if they are having fun. Playing games or creating art are
present-moment activities. Activities that require mastering certain skills
are particularly engrossing for kids. Students become part of whatever
they are doing. They develop better concentration, improve their
memory, activate their creativity and imagination, connect their bodies
and minds, and gain confidence.

I have never had so much fun writing books as I have these.
I know that you and your students will love them, too! About ten years
ago, I wrote a book called Happy Teachers, Happy Kids, to remind myself of
the joy I felt as a teacher. Fun was always a major part of my teaching
day. I knew that if my students and I were happy, I would be motivated
to teach well, and they would be motivated to learn. As an author, my
motivation is the same. I want children to love the books I write so they
can have fun learning from them. Last week I received a letter from a
student that touched my heart. Here is what she wrote:

"Hi. My name is Emily, and I just read one of your books called Baby
Carnivores and I loved it! I love the very cute animals in the book and would
like to read more of your books. Your books are very detailed and fun to read.
When I start reading your books, I feel so amazed! I learn a lot and I love it."

I hope that students who read my new books will also enjoy the
fun and feel the love that I have put into creating them.

Bobbie Kalman