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Bobbie Kalmans Fall 2018

by Crabtree Books | Jul 09, 2018

Dear Librarians and Teachers

I regularly ask myself “What will I write next?” This year I added eight more books to the My World reading series. The books support the curriculum through diverse learning styles, pictures that teach, and activities. They engage students in exploring subjects through descriptive, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and problem/solution text structures. Notes for adults further guide teachers in helping young readers.


My own curriculum helpers

As I was reviewing the latest curriculum guidelines while writing these books, it suddenly occurred to me that I had covered most of the essential concepts and writing skills at a higher level in my I Can Write a Book series. The books in this series include many important curriculum concepts that children need to understand and learn, such as appropriate vocabulary for different subjects, stimulating questions for conducting interviews, understanding concepts or “big ideas,” researching and writing information, and using different text styles, such as descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative, and opinion writing. The books also introduce children to writing ABC books on many subjects.


Non-fiction narratives

The concepts of setting, characters, events, problems, and solutions are highlighted in another series I recently created, called Animal Family Adventures. Written in a non-fiction narrative format, the books follow the adventures of animal families in their habitats and feature the challenges they face to stay alive. The stories are told with the help of stunning photographs and include fun activities. They support reading and writing descriptive, expository, and narrative text.


Three helpful series

The series shown on this page are a great help to teachers and students in many ways. Not only do they cover curriculum topics, they also guide educators in making learning less complicated and much more fun. Your students will love them!

Bobbie Kalman