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What is a Lexile® measure?

A Lexile measure represents the complexity of a text, such as a book or article.  Lexile measures are expressed as numeric measures followed by an 'L' (for example, 850L), and are placed on the Lexile scale.  The Lexile scale is a developmental scale for measuring reader ability and text complexity, ranging from below 200L for beginning readers and beginning-reader materials to above 1600L for advanced readers and materials.

NEW!  Lexile measure is now provided for books at the Grade K-2 level to allow for a greater differentiation at the beginner level.  Our previously Lexiled materials have been updated to meet the new Lexile framework.
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Text Complexity Grade Band in the Standards Old Lexile Ranges Lexile Ranges Aligned to CCR expectations
K-1 N/A N/A
2-3 450-725 450-790
4-5 645-845 450-790
6-8 860-1010 955-1155
9-10 960-1115 1080-1305
11-CCR 1070-1220 1215-1355