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History comes alive in four exciting series from Crabtree

Crabtree brings historical war events to life in four engaging and attractive series:

  • Understanding the American Revolution
  • Understanding the Civil War
  • Documenting the War of 1812
  • World War I: Remembering the Great War

Each series takes a detailed look at the course of events of each war including the cause for war, important battles and the great leaders and heroes of their time. Primary source materials, including documents and artifacts and full-color maps and illustrations provide an authentic and meaningful approach to understanding the historical events of each war. Fact Boxes, timelines and stimulating text dependent questions keep readers engaged and motivated. 


Select and click on a series below to learn more.  

Scroll through page spreads from the corresponding books below.

Crabtree’s featured History series support the Common Core Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies for grades 6-8.  Refer to the downloadable Common Core Guide on the sidebar for detailed alignments
(see pages 32-36). 

Crabtree’s NEW Common Core online guide provides a breakdown of Crabtree titles by grade, curriculum and by strand in Language Arts and Math. The common core guide is also available as a downloadable booklet and provides more detailed information on how the titles meet the standards in each strand.