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Crabtree is the exclusive provider of Crabtree QR eBooks
When you purchase a minimum of $350 in Crabtree QR eBooks, you will receive the corresponding Crabtree QR codes and print books.  Readers access the Crabtree eBook by scanning the QR code.  QR codes may be kept along with your print book or managed by your librarian!   A printable PDF file is supplied for your records to create a shelf card, sticker or bookmark so students may easily access the eBook!

What You Need to Get Started

Crabtree QR eBooks are optimized for use on iPad and other web-enabled tablets with camera and QR code reader software.

Download Crabtree’s FREE QR code reader app from the App Store.

For Android supported devices, download any QR code reader app.

Crabtree QR App


Easy Multi-User Access!

Crabtree QR codes give students barrier-free access to eBooks! No login is required. Simply scan the QR code provided for instant access to your favorite Crabtree eBook.

Crabtree QR codes are unique to your account giving students unlimited multi-use access license per school.


How to use Crabtree QR codes:

  1. Find the printed book in your library (or ask your librarian for QR code for printed book)
  2. Scan the QR code with your device using the Crabtree Reader QR app or other QR code reader apps. This will take you to your Crabtree eBook.
  3. Begin reading eBook on your device.

Crabtree Reader How to

About Crabtree QR Code Offer…

FREE print book with minimum purchase of $350 in Crabtree QR eBooks!

(Note: Email address required for delivery of your Crabtree QR Code file)