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Instruction or procedural texts provide sequential steps or directions to guide readers through a specific task or procedure. These texts often include imperative statements, numbered lists, bulleted points, and diagrams with arrows. 

Crabtree Connections Titles:

Treasure Hunter’s Handbook 

History: Pirates– Grades 1-2

Caring for Critters 
Science: Backyard Science – Grades 1-2

Save the Oceans 
Geography: The Ocean – Grades 1-2

Backyard Cookbook
Science: Backyard Science- Grades 2-3

Landscape Detective: Tracking Changes in your Surroundings
Places: Geography – Grades 2-3

A Roman Soldier’s Handbook
History: Ancient Rome – Grades 2-3

Sick at Sea? Cure it or cut it off!
Science: Scientific Inquiry – Grades 4-5

Go Greek!
History: Ancient Greece – Grades 4-5

Coastal Treasure Hunter
Geography: Water – Grades 4-5

Image Below: Instruction Text example from A Roman Soldier’s Handbook