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Includes journalistic, biography, and recount. Literary non-fiction communicates accurate information and has a well-defined beginning, middle, and end; it is written much like a story and is read from beginning to end.


Journalistic texts focus on the five “W” questions (Who? What? Where? When? and Why?) Features include headline, dateline, subheadings, photographs, and captions. Direct quotations give first-hand account of event.

Crabtree Connections Titles:

Heroes of Medicine and their Discoveries 
Science: Inventors and Inventions – Grades 4-5

Record-Breaking Earth 
Geography: Exploring Places – Grades 4-5 

Reports from the Front in WWII 
History: World War II – Grades 4-5 

Image Below : Journalistic Example from Reports from the Front in WWII


Biographical texts provide a profile of a person’s life and achievements. These texts are often chronological and include personal details about the subject as well as information about key events and accomplishments. These texts are usually written in third person and provide an objective treatment of the subject.

Crabtree Connections Titles:

Inventors Who Changed the World 
Science: Inventors and Inventions – Grades 4-5

On Expedition with Lewis and Clark 
Geography: Exploring Places – Grades 4-5 

Who’s Who in WWII 
History: World War II – Grades 4-5


Recount text is used to retell events. The text is usually organized chronologically and provides a detailed account of an event. Sequencing words and phrases provide structure and organize the text.

Crabtree Connections Titles:

Treasure Hunt!
History: Pirates – Grades 1-2

Caterpillar Capers
Science: Backyard Science – Grades 1-2

Ocean Explorer
Geography: The Ocean – Grades 1-2

King Arthur’s Tale
History: Knights – Grades 1-2

A Bean’s Life
Science The Life Cycle – Grades 1-2

Survival in the Jungle
Geography: The Jungle – Grades 1-2

Space Blog
Science: Scientific Inquiry – Grades 4-5

Ancient Greek Adventure
History: Ancient Greece – Grades 4-5

Deep Sea Exploration
Geography: Water – Grades 4-5

Image Below: Recount text from Space Blog