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Attitude of Gratitude

by Crabtree Books | Oct 30, 2019
Dear Librarians and Teachers

42 years writing hundreds of books has been a kind, mindful,and happy time, for which I am grateful!

Teaching children how to recognize and understand their emotions, make decisions, maintain relationships, respect differences, and voice their own ideas, has immediate and lasting impacts on their mental health, academic achievement, and social skills. Children learn to feel safe when they connect with other students and focus on positive instead of negative thoughts.

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Twenty years ago, I wrote six books, which were never published, in a series called Attitude of Gratitude. When I showed them to educational consultants, they said the subjects were too “New Age” and were not taught in schools. Today, kindness, gratitude, and mindfulness are some of the main topics being taught in schools.

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I wrote the Gratitude series in Hawaii, while also working on books about dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. I swam with dolphins in the ocean and also spent time with captive dolphins. Each time I came into the lagoon area where they lived, my dolphin buddies jumped out of the water, excited to see me. I have never felt more mindful and grateful in my life than I did in Hawaii. I felt thankful for our planet, oceans, plants, and animals, as well as for my life and spirit. I wrote my Gratitude series based on those topics.

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As I started writing my new series, Be Your Best SELf, the memories and wonderful feelings of kindness, mindfulness, and gratitude came flooding back to me. One of the new titles, Kindness is Cool, is based on the butterfly effect, a theory I had learned about in Hawaii. Another title, Creating a Happy School Community, combines all of my positive teaching experiences. The focus of my teaching was always to make sure my students were happy. Recently, I’ve been in touch with some elementary students who have created a happy school environment using kindness, love, empathy, and inclusion as part of each school day. Using these values, this new generation of students can make the world a happier place. I hope my books will help.

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