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Bobbie Kalman's Message Fall 2020

by Crabtree Books | Jul 13, 2020

Teaching Children How to Deal with Today’s World is a New Challenge

Dear Librarians and Teachers,

Just before the pandemic hit, I finished revising ten of my Historic Communities books, which brought back many memories of visiting historic villages, taking hundreds of pictures, and learning about life in those earlier days. Although I now stay home most of the time, I often go for walks in or around the historic areas near my home, which make me feel mindful of history—especially now, when people all over the world are protesting the racism and inequality in the past and present. 

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Kindness, Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Happy Schools

Explaining to children all the things that are happening today is a challenge—especially through remote learning. I hope my books in the Be Your Best Self Series (below) will help them understand the importance of kindness, empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness during these difficult times. The books address challenges such as diversity and inclusion, resilience to stress, staying healthy, and learning in new and different ways. Whether they are in school or learning from home, children feel safe when they focus on positive instead of negative thoughts. Helping children recognize and understand their emotions will have lasting impacts on their physical and mental health. Making good decisions, maintaining positive relationships, asking for help, resolving conflicts, and accepting differences are some important social skills found in the books below.

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Grateful for so much!

I feel gratitude for the kindness people have shown to one another. I am grateful to the wonderful frontline workers who have helped us throughout this pandemic. I am also grateful to the teachers and librarians who have worked hard to educate students from  a distance. I hope to see you back at school soon. Stay safe and keep healthy!

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