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Making Our Food Sustainable - PB
Making Our Food Sustainable - PB
Making Our Food Sustainable - PB
9780778750345 | In Stock
How can eating better ourselves improve life for everyone on the planet? This intriguing title combines images and infographics to help explain how choosing foods that don't have to be shipped long distances, don't add to world pollution, and are not in danger of running out helps to ensure the world's food supply. Close-up boxes and case studies illustrate relevant examples of topics such as soil protection, organic vs industrial farming, and overfishing.

Reading Level: Gr. 4
Interest Level: Gr. 3-6
Guided Reading Level: R
Binding: Paperback
Series: Putting the Planet First
Author(s): Paul Mason

Size: 8″ × 10″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: Not available at this time.
Dewey: 338.1
Lexile: 880L
Copyright: 2019

Making Our Food Sustainable