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Rainforest Research Journal - HC
Rainforest Research Journal - HC
Rainforest Research Journal - HC
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Take a daring research trip through the Amazon rain forest. You'll be amazed to see:
• venemous Brazilian wandering spiders;
• meat-eating piranha fish;
• rare pink Amazon river dolphins. Find out how the rainforest habitat is changing for the animals, plants, and people who live there. Teacher’s guide available.

Reading Level: Gr. 4
Interest Level: Gr. 3-6
Guided Reading Level: Q
Binding: Hardcover
Series: Crabtree Connections Level 3 - Average
Author(s): Paul Mason

Size: 6 ⅞″ × 9″
No. of Pages: 32
Index Included: Yes
Glossary Included: Yes

ATOS: 5.3
Dewey: 578.73409811
Lexile: Not Available at this time.
Copyright: 2011

Rainforest Research Journal

“...Rainforest Research Journal offers a hands on description of the Amazon, giving the reader real “you are there” rainforest knowledge. Students who are interested in unusual places will get a very clear picture of what the Amazon Basin looks like as well as a sense of the wildlife and native people. The many photographs throughout Rainforest Research Journal add to the reader’s comprehension of the unfamiliar content. Recommended.” —CM Magazine, 03/12 “examines amazing rainforest animals from rare pink river dolphins tp man-eating fish. The journal format lends excitement and first-person interest to the saga...highly recommended science collection pick! —The Midwest Book Review, 04/11