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Choose Crabtree books to meet your instructional needs

For more than 35 years Crabtree has been a leader in K-9+ non-fiction books for libraries and classrooms and is well known for over 800 titles authored by Bobbie Kalman.

Crabtree’s high-quality content and innovative design engages readers while building critical literacy skills and content-area knowledge. A comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction texts help develop a deep and meaningful understanding of core content as specified in the standards. Crabtree series are developed and designed with these specific expectations in mind.

Crabtree’s NEW Common Core online guide provides a breakdown of Crabtree titles by grade, curriculum and by strand in Language Arts and Math. The common core guide is also available as a downloadable booklet to provide more detailed information on how the titles meet the standards in each strand.


The Common Core Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts place an increased emphasis on informational texts.  The standards explicitly call for, and integrate, higher-order thinking skills as a means to achieving career and college readiness for all students. 


The Common Core Standards require students to have a clear understanding of math skills and concepts.  The standards define what the student should understand and be able to perform.  The fluency in the fundamental language of mathematics is designed to encourage students to solve real-world problems.