is now an Open Resource! Access codes are no longer required to see videos and play interactive games and activities.

Crabtree Plus is a new web-based resource that combines the high-quality of Crabtree Publishing's educational book series with open access dynamic digital content. Intended to add to students' understanding in an entertaining way, Crabtree Plus includes engaging simulations and interactive activities that reinforce and extend core series concepts. Supporting the best practices for digital education resources, animated characters provide narrated support and guide learners through scaffolded challenges. The intuitive design and embedded feedback encourage independent learning.

Key Features

  • Web-based content specifically designed for accessibility
  • Content specifically designed for accessibility on various devices including Chrome Books, PC, Macs and tablets
  • Intuitive design promotes ease of use and embedded scaffolding and learner feedback support independent learning
  • Content aligned to NGSS and state science standards
  • Downloadable Teachers' Guides include comprehensive lesson plans and assessment tools to integrate multiple science and engineering practices
Life Science

Animals Back from the Brink

Four new titles join Animals Back from the Brink, an informative and up-to-date series that explains how different animals around the world, once on the brink of extinction, are now surviving More →


Full STEAM Ahead! - Engineering Everywhere

Two new titles have been added to Engineering Everywhere, a set of books that uses real-world examples to show young readers how engineers solve problems using math, science, and creative… More →

Life Cycle · Life Science · Science

Follow the Life Cycle

This appealing illustrated series explains the stages of animal and plant life cycles in a simple way for very young readers. Each book features engaging artwork showing the stages an animal… More →

STEM · Technology

Code Academy

This fun and accessible series introduces young readers to the basics of computers and coding concepts in a narrative style. Code Academy is a special school for kids who love computers and… More →


Human Habitats

Humans have found ways to adapt and survive in all of Earth's many diverse habitats. This colorful series shows how people use the resources around them to build homes, grow food, and do work More →