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A Campout in the Haunted Woods
Bienvenidos al Campamento de Terror (Welcome to Camp Creepy Lake)
Bienvenue au camp du lac Maudit (Welcome to Camp Creepy Lake)
Bones and Bats in Bunk Five
BOO Times Two!
Camp Creepy Lake (8 titles)
Camping dans les bois hantés (A Campout in the Haunted Woods)
Chilling Ghost Tales
Creepy Classics
Cryptid Guides: Creatures of Folklore (8 titles) NEW
Don't Tell Me What to BOO!
El misterio de los campistas desaparecidos (The Mystery of the Missing Campers)
El regreso de los fantasmas de la guerra de colores (The Return of the Color War Ghost)
Escape from Eerie Island
Ghost Ships 5.4
Guide to Bigfoot NEW
Guide to Chupacabras NEW
Guide to Mummies NEW
Guide to Sea Monsters 5.9
Guide to Unicorns NEW
Guide to Vampires 6.0
Guide to Werewolves 6.2
Guide to Zombies 5.9
Haunted at Sea 6.2