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Life Science


Do you wonder about all of Earth's living things? Do you know why snakes make venom and why polar bears have thick fur? In this book, learn about the different types of adaptations animals… More →

Animals · High Interest

African Lion

Mislabeled as the King of the Jungle, African lions actually live on savannas and it's the females who do most of the hunting. Read all about the African lion's keen senses and outstanding… More →


Air Force

Learn about the different jobs in the U.S. Air Force and what it takes to be an airman. More →

High Interest

Air War

The ultimate title in aeronautical battling, Air War captures the excitement and danger of fights in flight. Full-color photographs and thrilling text will capture the reader's attention and… More →

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This fascinating title takes the reader to one of the most isolated prisons on the planet where some America's worst criminals were held. This is the story of how Alcatraz was created, what… More →

High Interest

Alien Abduction

Fantastic images help tell the story of why some people believe they have been abducted by space travelers. This intriguing exploration separates fact from fiction and gives readers a… More →

Spring 2024 Cover: Amazing Journeys of Laughter
Fiction · High Interest

Amazing Journeys of Laughter

This series takes readers on amazing journeys into zany worlds where squirrels go skiing, animals take over the zoo, a very stinky smell causes chaos, and more. Designed for Striving Readers. More →

Fall 2023 Cover: American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is a fast horse with a friendly personality. Its speed is a sight to see! Jump in and learn about the most popular horse breed in the United States. Downloadable… More →

Fall 2023 Cover: Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors

If you could be a medieval warrior, which one would you be? Readers will devour every fact about the armor, weapons, tactics, and training of ancient warriors in these exciting books.… More →