Grade 4

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
18th Century Clothing 5.8
19th Century Clothing 6.0
19th Century Girls and Women 5.5
3-D Art Skills Lab
Aaron Judge NEW
Abandoned and Escaped Animals 5.9
A Big Bed for Jed
A Break in the Chain
A Bridge Goes Over
A Campout in the Haunted Woods
A Child's Day 5.0
A Child's Day (revised edition)
Acids and Bases 6.2
A Colonial Town: Williamsburg 6.2
A Coral Reef 6.4
Acorn to Oak Tree 2.7
Action-Adventure Games
Active Kids 6.4
A Dam Holds Back
Addition on the Menu
A Dead Log
A Dog Called Whatnot 3.2
A Dolphin's Body 6.6