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Recent Releases

Fall 2022 Cover: Abejas útiles (Helpful Honeybees)
Life Science

Abejas útiles (Helpful Honeybees)

Giant images of bees give kids a close-up view of different kinds of bees in their hives, their body parts, the jobs of different bees, and making honey. More →

Fall 2022 Cover: Aburrido (Bored) Bilingual

Aburrido (Bored) Bilingual

This book will help young readers recognize and comprehend feeling bored through relatable situations and examples. Using full-page photographs alongside simple text and relevant sight words, More →

Fall 2022 Cover: Aburrido de ser un ave (Bored as a Bird)
Character Education

Aburrido de ser un ave (Bored as a Bird)

When Goose is bored, Phoenix likes to find all the ways they can have fun! They soon realize that sometimes all you need is a friend to be bored with, and you'll have fun no matter what you are doing! More →

Fall 2022 Cover: Active Citizenship in Democracy
Civics · History · Social Studies

Active Citizenship in Democracy

Young people all over the world are doing it. Whether through anti-racism protests, taking part in model governments, or joining global climate strikes, youth are strengthening democracy by… More →