Short Stories

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A Little Birdie Told Me

A little bird at the zoo knows all the gossip when it comes to the other zoo animals, but are all the rumors really true? More →

Spring 2023 Cover: All Because of the Tail

All Because of the Tail

In a park full of squirrels, it's hard being a mouse. Why do squirrels get stuffed with nuts, but no one gives any to Tullio? The little mouse is sure that it's all because of the tail--and… More →


A Silly Kitty Christmas

It's Christmas! And Silly Kitty wants to help his human, Emma. Find out what happens when everything that Silly Kitty does is NOT actually helping at all. More →


A Superhero Like ME

Some superheroes wear capes. Some superheroes can fly. And some superheroes look like you! After Reading Quiz and Picture Walk. Includes a support page of teaching tips for caregivers and… More →


Bailey Buckets

Bailey first met Jaxon at his birthday party. Together they plan to join a pick-up basketball game in their neighborhood. But will the older kids let them play? Are they even good enough? More →

Spring 2023 Cover: Bloom


Once, the ocean was full of friends. But lately, a little jellyfish named Luna has noticed that things are changing--friends are disappearing! When she sets out to find them, she discovers… More →


Dimples: Trouble with the Ball

Dimples the golf ball has always wanted to play golf. But when he finally gets his chance, he loses his courage. Will Dimples overcome his fears? More →


Do NOT Hire a Dinosaur Babysitter

If you learn anything from this book, let this be it. Do not ever, and I mean ever, hire a dinsoaur to babysit! Between the roaring, the stomping, and not going to bed, just cancel your plans More →