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A Book In Four Languages: My Emotions

Learn 10 emotion words in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin as you meet some colorful faces! Learning world languages promotes cross-cultural awareness, and discovering new words with… More →


At the Reef

This Decodable Reader story is about Deen going to the coral reef. Practice reading words with "ee" as you join him on his adventure! A key feature of this book is The Dyslexie font which… More →

Fall 2024 Cover: Cinderella (Cenicienta) Bilingual Eng/Spa

Cinderella (Cenicienta) Bilingual Eng/Spa

When Cinderella's dad gets remarried, her new stepsiblings are not happy about having a new sister or cat. They do their best to ruin Cindy's chances with the cute, young singer in town.… More →


Colorful World

Grammy winner CeCe Winans's inspiring song about diversity, adapted as a beautifully illustrated book. The lyrics celebrate differences and urge all children to be proud to be themselves. The More →


Communiquons (Let's Communicate)

This engaging series uses illustrated stories to help children develop language and communication skills in a fun, imaginative way. Notes for caregivers and parents offer supplemental… More →


Des mots de l'espace (Space Words)

This book builds beginning vocabulary about space science. Extremely helpful for elementary science preparation, eight words combine with a visual depiction so readers can see what the word means. More →


Elie Wiesel: The Perils of Indifference

Elie Wiesel lost most of his family to the Nazi death camps of World War II. As a Holocaust survivor, he dedicated his life to ending injustice, suffering, and indifference. In this 1999… More →


Emma Watson: UN Gender Equality Speech

As a famous actor and person of privilege, Emma Watson's 2014 speech as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador was a call for equality and justice. In her speech, she implores men and boys to… More →


Ends with X

In this book, the consonant x sound is found in each word. More →