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Aburrido de ser un ave (Bored as a Bird)
¡Algún día podría ser piloto! (Someday I Could Bee a Pilot!)
A Postcard from Australia 3.0
A Postcard from Canada 2.8
A Postcard from Costa Rica 3.0
A Postcard from France 2.9
A Postcard from Italy 3.0
A Postcard from Japan 2.8
Astounding Addition
Aujourd'hui, je serai chauffeur d'autobus! (Today I'll Bee a Bus Driver!)
Avergonzado de mi graznido (Embarrassed by My Squawk)
A Zoo Surprise!
Bird Buddies
Bonne année, Tacheté et Mouchetée! (Happy New Year, Spots and Stripes!)
BOO Times Two!
Bored as a Bird
Bouclette la chèvre et les trois ours (Goatlilocks and the Three Bears)
Bruce, Be Nice! NEW
Bruce Doesn't Follow Directions NEW
Bruce Is Not Going to Try That NEW
Bruce Is Too Busy to Help NEW
Bruce Is Way Too Loud NEW
Bruce Loses His Temper NEW
Bruce the Beaver (6 titles) NEW