Grade 7 - 9

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3-D Art Skills Lab
Above and Beyond with Collaboration
Above and Beyond with Communication
Above and Beyond with Creativity and Innovation
Above and Beyond with Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator 8.9
Achieving Social Change (6 titles)
A Class of their Own (6 titles)
Action-Adventure Games
Active Citizenship in Democracy
Activism and Volunteering
Aerospace Engineering and the Principles of Flight 7.0
African Lion
Agricultural Engineering and Feeding the Future 7.0
Agricultural Inventions: At the Top of the Field 5.9
Air Force
Air Force Careers
Air War 4.5
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein: Forging the Path of Modern Physics
Alcatraz 5.1
Al Gore: A Wake-Up Call to Global Warming 8.0
Alien Abduction 3.6